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Google scholar snapshot @ 06/06/19

2019 Herrera MJB, Thomson VA, Wadley JJ, Macqueen P, Piper PJ, Sulundari S, Dharmayanti AB, Kraitsek S, Eusebio MS, Rubio RO, Cooper A, Gongora J, Austin JJ. Philippine origin and dispersal of Polynesian chickens indicated by mitochondrial DNA. Molecular Biology and Evolution (to be submitted).

2019 Thomson VA, Armstrong KN, Medlin G, Cooper A. A ghost of a chance? Evolutionary history of the Australian Ghost Bat (Macroderma gigas) and its chances of surviving future climate change. BMC Evolutionary Biology (to be submitted).

2019 Lopez CMR, Konate M, Sanders KL, Thomson VA. Epigenetic divergence contributes to tiger snake adaptation to island environments. Molecular Ecology (to be submitted).

2019 Bover P, Mitchell MJ, Llamas B, Thomson VA, Pons J, Alcover JA, Cooper A. First ancient DNA from an endemic insular Mediterranean micromammal: the extinct dormouse Hypnomys morpheus. Paleobiology (in review).

2019 Bover P, Llamas B, Mitchell K, Thomson VA, Alcover JA, Lalueza-Fox C, Cooper A, Pons J. Unraveling the phylogenetic relationships of the extinct bovid Myotragus balearicus Bate 1909 from the Balearic Islands. Quaternary Science Reviews 215: 185–195.

2018 Bover P, Mitchell KJ, Llamas B, Thomson VA, Pons J, Cooper A. Molecular resolution to a morphological controversy: the case of North American fossil muskoxen Bootherium and Symbos. Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 129:70–76.

2018 Allen L, Sanders KL, Thomson VA. Molecular evidence for first records of facultative parthenogenesis in elapid snakes. Royal Society of Open Science 5: 171901

2018 White LC, Moseby KE, Thomson VA, Donnellan S, Austin JJ. Long-term genetic consequences of mammal reintroductions into an Australian conservation reserve. Biological Conservation 219: 1–11

2018 Thomson VA, Mitchell KJ, Eberhard R, Dortch J, Austin JJ, Cooper A. Genetic diversity and drivers of dwarfism in extinct island emu populations. Biology Letters 14: 20170617


Newspaper article about our article ‘Genetic diversity and drivers of dwarfism in extinct island emu populations’.

2018 Bover P, Mitchell MJ, Llamas B, Rofes J, Thomson VA, Cuenca-Bescos G, Alcover JA, Cooper A, Pons J. Molecular phylogenetics supports the origin of an endemic Balearic shrew lineage (Nesiotites) coincidence with the Messinian Salinity Crisis. Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution

2017   Lopez CMR, Konate M, Thomson VA MSAP in Tiger Snakes: Island Populations Are Epigenetically More Divergent. bioRxiv

2017    Thomson VA, Wiewel A, Chinen A, Maryanto I, Sinaga MH, How R, Aplin K, Suzuki H. A perspective for resolving the systematics of Rattus, the vertebrates with the most influence on human welfare Zootaxa 4459(3):431–452.

2017    Sasamori S, Wiewel A, Thomson VA, Kobayashi M, Nakata K, Suzuki H. A potential causative mutation of the agouti signaling protein gene (Asip) for melanism in the Rattus rattus species complex from the Okinawa Island, Japan. Zoological Science 34: 513-522

2017    Herrera MJB, Thomson VA, Piper PJ, Wadley JJ, Cooper A, Austin JJ. East African origins for Malagasy chickens as indicated by mitochondrial DNA. Royal Society of Open Science doi:10.1098/rsos.160787.

2017     Coghlan BA, Seddon JM, Best EC, Thomson VA, Goldizen AW. Evidence of male-biased dispersal in eastern grey kangaroo (Macropus giganteus). Australian Journal of Zoology 64(5): 360-369 doi:10.1071/ZO16047.

2016    Timm RM, Weijola VS-A, Aplin KA, Donnellan SC, Flannery TF, Thomson VA, Pine RH. A new species of Rattus (Rodentia: Muridae) from Manus Island, Papua New Guinea. Journal of Mammalogy

2016     Wadley JJ, Fordham D, Thomson VA, Ritchie E, Austin JJ. Phylogeography of the antilopine wallaroo (Macropus antilopinus) across tropical northern Australia. Ecology and Evolution

2015      Coghlan BA, Goldizen AW, Thomson VA, Seddon JM. Phylogeography of eastern grey kangaroos, Macropus giganteus, suggests a mesic refugium in eastern Australia. PLoS One 10(5): e0128160; doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0128160.

 2014      Llamas B, Brotherton P, Mitchell KJ, Templeton JE, Thomson VA, Metcalf JL, Armstrong KN, Kasper M, Richards SM, Camens AB, Lee MS, Cooper A. Late Pleistocene Australian marsupial DNA clarifies the affinities of extinct megafaunal kangaroos and wallabies. Molecular Biology and Evolution 32(3):574-84; doi:10.1093/molbev/msu338.

2014     Thomson VA, Lebrasseur O, Austin JJ, Hunt TL, Burney DA, Denham T, Rawlence NJ, Wood JR, Gongora J, Girdland Flink L, Linderholm A, Dobney K, Larson G, Cooper A. Reply to Beavan, Bryant, and Storey and Matisoo-Smith: Ancestral Polynesian ‘D’ haplotypes reflect authentic Pacific chicken lineages. PNAS 111(35): E3585-E3586; doi: 10.1073/pnas.1411566111.

2014     Thomson VA, Lebrasseur O, Austin JJ, Hunt TL, Burney DA, Denham T, Rawlence NJ, Wood JR, Gongora J, Girdland Flink L, Linderholm A, Dobney K, Larson G, Cooper A. Using ancient DNA to study the origins and dispersal of ancestral Polynesian chickens across the Pacific. PNAS 111(13):4826-31; doi: 10.1073/pnas.1320412111.

2014     Thomson VA, Aplin KP, Cooper A, Hisheh S, Suzuki H, Maryanto I, Yap G, Donnellan SC. Molecular genetic evidence for the place of origin of the Pacific Rat, Rattus exulansPLoS One 9(3):e91356; doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0091356.

2014     Sheng G-L, Soubrier J, Liu J-Y, Werdelin L, Llamas B, Thomson VA, Tuke J, Wu L-J, Hou X-D, Chen Q-J, Lai X-L, Cooper A. Pleistocene Chinese cave hyenas and the recent Eurasian history of the spotted hyena, Crocuta crocuta. Molecular Ecology 23:522-533doi: 10.1111/mec.12576.


2009     Carter AJ, Macdonald SL, Thomson VA, Goldizen AW. Structured association patterns and their energetic benefits in female eastern grey kangaroos, Macropus giganteusAnimal Behaviour 77(4): 839-846; doi: 10.1016/j.anbehav.2008.12.007.


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